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LASA srl

Thanks to a flexible structure our Company is able to design, manufacturing of equipment and furniture, customization products, commission management, post-sale support, spare parts supply; providing several services for many different workspaces:

Healthcare Furniture
LASA HospiLine offers technical furniture for the medical and healthcare sector, made of AISI 304 stainless steel, an high-quality material which ensures an easy cleaning and perfect hygienic conditions and allows sanitization of environments with high frequency and extreme convenience. The essence of our work is to provide modular structures that highlight the essential characteristics of the material – safety, purity and efficiency – through an ergonomic design, functionality and ease of use, style choices communicating warmth, beauty, hospitality, etc.

Professional Washing Systems
A wide range of dishwashers for restaurants, industrial kitchens and communities, as well as service companies of smaller dimensions, such for example bars and catering services. We have developed various models and types, which can be distinguished in the market by their reliability, simplicity of use and of maintenance.

Technical Professional Furniture
A wide range of solutions for professional furniture: the best of the Italian manufacturing tradition, with many different models: tables, neutral and heated tables cabinets, modular elements and drawers, modular cabinets and accessories approved for use in the food industry and in the medical field. We chose to provide all our products with high quality standards, taking care of every detail, using only stainless steel AISI 304 to guarantee reliability, durability and hygiene.

Domestical and Professional Kitchens
Hi-Tech kitchens of excellence stem from a wise combination of elegance and style, choice of authentic ingredients and high skills of construction. With this philosophy in mind, we have developed high quality kitchens and supplies for catering business, combinable and modular, completely made of higher quality stainless steel, in compliance with the most strict international standards for hygiene and cleanliness.

Design On Demand O.E.M.
The ability to produce indisputable quality products requires an intimate knowledge that cannot be improvised; every project/product develops starting from the client requests and it takes shape by moulding steel.
That’s why our products combine practical expertise, attention and flexibility, which results in a real competitiveness.
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