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3 Emme Eco comfort s.r.l.

The company specializes in the production of mattresses and is registered to ISTITUTO PER LA TUTELA DEI PRODUTTORI ITALIANI, whose goal is to safeguard, enhance and promote Made in Italy.

In fact, the company has the 100% MADE IN ITALY certification of origin and quality, by adopting the IT01 system 100% Italian Quality. The added value is the ability to customize the product range, according to any need, collaborating with Italian and foreign designer.

3 EMME ECO COMFORT is the expression of creativity, technological innovation, eco-sustainability: it is constantly evolving Italian craftsmanship.

The company has always invested in research and development, to improve production processes while respecting the environment. Furthermore, it contributes to the achievement of a global economy with zero emissions released into the air, however the 2030 sustainable development goal.
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