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Becchetti Bal is been embellishing houses all over the world with his brass handles and accessories for doors, windows and interior decoration fittings over 100 years.
The wide range of handles, roses and escutcheons with screws in view, roses and escutcheon with screw covers, plates and window rod guides, roses, smooth plates and finished plates, enhances every door and window. The matching pieces for doors and windows permit to customize your style as the Becchetti Bal knockers and pull handles are designed to enhance and customize the entrance door to every house, meeting any style requirements. The Becchetti Bal knobs and end knobs have a decorative purpose too and the large-scale range of colors conciliate with every costumer’s taste, giving an original touch to the houses. The interior decoration fittings complete the high quality doors and windows. Furthermore, Becchetti Bal offers shelves and marine accessories, since every space deserve stylish details.
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