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CaBa Industrie srl

CaBa Industrie Srl was founded with the intention of creating a group of brands able to provide the agricultural market with a wide range of high-quality machines and equipment which includes, at the moment, following brands:

- Lotti – agricultural machineries for inter-row works and leaf canopy management in orchards and vineyards.
- Vicar – sprayers with a revolutionary turbine system.
- Macfruit – moving liftable platforms, ideal for fruit harvesting, pruning, anti-hail nets setting up and orchard management.
- SpecialCavi – any kind of flexible transmissions for every usage.

Our strong point is to have the production entirely in our factory in Faenza, with consequent interchange of know-hows and technologies between the different product lines. In addition, we only use European – particularly Italian – produced components makes our manufactured products high quality machines and conformed to the best standards in terms of precision, safety, performance and efficiency.
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