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Cirillo Group S.p.A. was founded in 2010 with its first production plant in San Giovanni Rotondo, on the slopes of the Gargano thanks to the initiative of the entrepreneur Antonio Cirillo.
The idea is the result of an Apulian family history set in the food-canning sector in which from a young age Mr. Antonio Cirillo realized that to combine quality, variety and innovation, I had to go beyond the dynamics and eating habits of Italian market. The basic idea was to try to enhance the Italian, Apulian and Cerignolan food tradition in particular, while making it "marry" with the tastes and habits of foreign countries. So, before founding “La Bella Contadina”, he decided to explore overseas countries to gain new experiences. He wanted to understand the tastes and trends of consumers around the world. This was his mission: to study their perception of taste to re-propose it in his products; mixing the flavors of his land with foreign tastes to create absolutely new mixes.

Experimentation and continuous market surveys have allowed the company to create new recipes that are appreciated all over the world.
Territorial products, almost zero kilometer, enjoy great success also on international tables.
To date, 85% of the "Bella Contadina" products are directed abroad: Eastern Europe, America, Australia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Japan, Canada and other countries.

Cirillo Group S.p.A. has therefore made the Made in Italy its driving force.
In fact, the company specializes in the category of olives, including its local spearhead, as you can easily imagine is the Bella di Cerignola - a product that no longer needs any introduction - and there is no shortage of artichokes, dried tomatoes, eggplants, peppers etc. From the union of these products, evocative packages have been created, advertised in the refined brochures, delicious recipes such as courgette in rolls, chilli pepper stuffed with tuna, Apulian-style artichokes, the refined classic line of Apulian sauces, or tasty pesto, ideal for first courses or croutons.

Each phase of its processing is always carried out with the utmost dedication. For these reasons, each course enriched with the products of the Bella Contadina, gives the true taste of our ancient culinary culture.
Raw materials are his way of communicating, his tool of creativity
and all the love he has for his land: incredible and sometimes surprising smells and flavors.

By aiming to achieve excellence, the high quality standards are witnessed
from the important certifications obtained over the years. The Cirillo Group was awarded by the Russian authorities during the PRODEXPO 2018 event, for the excellence of its products.

Commercial distribution is developed in the retail channels, large-scale distribution and the HO.RE.CA sector, as well as constant monitoring of the realities belonging to the Food sector.

The marketing policy for the acquisition of new customers is based on the principle of dialogue,
tool that he uses especially during the participation in national and international fairs, to get to know customers personally and establish the best relationships to cultivate in the future.

The care of the business partner is based on constant information relating to the products
(about 200 references) and on sending samples, essential for tasting their specialties before starting a collaboration.
The Private Label service is one of their strengths.
The company is also very present in the field of communication and pays particular attention to the various social channels.

Over the years, more and more partners have believed in Bella Contadina's projects and at the same time the demand for products has also increased; therefore in 2018 it founded a second production plant based in Orta Nova, consisting of over 250 thousand square meters of storage; of which 12 thousand covered dedicated to production, and 1000 square meters of commercial and administrative offices. Their corporate team is made up of over 150 valid collaborators.
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