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Gentili Technology Equipment

Gentili is an enterprise specializing in the design, manufacturing and installation of truck equipment ranging from ladder racks, van rack systems and utility bodies. Our product portfolio includes aluminum van racking systems (named Infinity) and steel ones (named Classic), roof rack and ladder rack (roof line), utility / service bodies and accessories for outfitting. In addition to quality certification ISO 9001, Gentile passed the crash tests required by the European ECE R17 and is certified by TUV GS product.

The sales network consists of 50 distributors, vehicles converters, which are backed by our technical department, training meetings at our headquarter and a drawning software that allows them to create customized solutions . Each distributor is assigned to an agent according to geographical distribution as to promote and cooperate in commercial activities such as participation to trade shows, public tenders and private and promotional events. At present our network of distributors covering Europe, America, North Africa, Russia, Middle East and Australia. Our typical customers are companies operating a car fleets (light commercial vehicles under 3.5 tonnes as Ford Transit, Ram Promaster, Mercedes Sprinter, etc.) needing equipped mobile workshops for the maintenance of telecommunications, electricity, gas, railways, highways, aqueducts, public works infrastructures and maintenance and restoration of facilities. The main market of our company is Italy but, over the last few years, we have undertaken commercial initiatives to reduce its incidence in order to seize new opportunities. The first steps have been made in Europe (France and Germany) and our company has completed its first acquisition in Birmingham (UK). The excellent results achieved and the continuing stagnation in Italy lead us to the second step in searching for new distributors outside the continent. Nowadays our efforts have been directed principally to North America where we have opened a warehouse in Dayton OH from where we supply dealers in United States, Canada and Mexico.

The G2000 ladder rack Harrier allows loading and unloading ladders from the roof of the vehicle quickly and easily, achieving operational excellence and preventing accidents. An hydraulic system makes it possible the descent of the slide to the ground ergonomically thanks to ladders unloaded vertically close to the ground (no lifting required) and going back with controlled movement, requiring minimum effort. Once the ladder is loaded, the slide keeps it stable and firm without any risk of accidental and sudden ascents.

The new line of equipment is completely made of extruded aluminium (no welds or folds), a newly developed product more robust and at the same time more than 30% lighter than traditional steel van racking systems. This allows a greater load capacity (fundamental factor for the productivity of fleets of companies) and a concrete reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions for the same load. It is also an eco-sustainable because made of aluminium without the use of paints (aluminium can be recycled indefinitely). It can be shipped pre-assembled, final fast and it does not require use of machinery.

The need to serve markets outside Europe has put us in front of customers with different needs given by the incidence of pick-up registrations. For this segment we have developed a the GPOD which in fact converts the pick-up in a commercial vehicle by closing the rear part of the vehicle but with the peculiarity of having larger openings on both sides, greater payload and 4-wheel drive traction able to go also through unpaved tracks.
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