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Ghiott Dolciaria S.r.l.

Ghiott was born in Florence in 1953 as an artisanal bakery, from a well-known family of Florentine pastry chefs. Today, it is based in the heart of Chianti, and it is one of the leaders in the production of typical Tuscan confectionery.

Ghiott is now a family-run business at the third generation, which sees at the head of the company the daughters of the founder, Enzo Salaorni, and his granddaughters. Ghiott specialises in a wide range of products that always maintain a strong emotional and institutional bond with the Tuscan territory, and which reach the shelves of Italian and International clients.

Our line of typical Tuscan confectionery opens with Ghiottini, our almond cantuccini, which are our flagship product since 1953, the year in which their recipe was born. In 2020 our Ghiottini have strengthened even more their bond to the Tuscan territory, as they are now made with only 100% Italian almonds.

Ghiott Firenze also specialises in all products of the Tuscan dry confectionery tradition, such as soft Amaretti, Ricciarelli, and Brutti e Buoni. Our experience brought us to propose also more contemporary versions of the Cantuccini, such as Cantuccini with chocolate drops, Pistachios & Almonds Cantuccini, and Cranberry Cantuccini. We also have a line of PGI Almond Cantuccini which vary in sizes and almond percentage.

Ghiott Firenze has great experience in Private Label products, as we have a dedicated business unit that takes care of each project, ensuring customisation, creativity, and precision.
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