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Laboratorio Chimico Farmaceutico A. Sella is an Italian pharmaceutical company that operates nationally and internationally.
It is involved since 1920 in the development, production and marketing of health products, safe and effective.

It is a supplier and partner of major companies, national and multinational and is authorized by AIFA (Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco) to :
1. Manufacture of medicines for human use (non-sterile products, packaging, quality control) :
- Liquid for external use
- Liquid for internal use
- Other solid dosage forms
- Semi-solids
- Suppositories
- Tablets
2. Importation of medicinal products

It is also authorised to manufacture :
- Medical Devices (liquid laxatives class II, liquid rectal preparations as enemas and micro-enemas / semi-solids as glycerol suppositories)
- Food supplements (drinkable vials, also with reservoirs / granulates and powders in sachets / tablets / syrups, drops)
- Cosmetics (pastes and creams / liquid, no gas sprays / powders in bottles or sachets)

Technologies and formats :
1. Liquids in bottles:
- 10 dissolvers (fixed and mobile) from 20 to 4.000 litres (3000 and 4000 litres of load cells)
- 4 complete filling lines and packaging liquids in the bottle (small and large volume)
2. Micro-enemas:
- 2 complete lines for filling and packaging micro-enemas (Farma + Medical Devices)
3. Vials with reservoir:
- 1 production and packaging line of single dose vials up to 10 ml with reservoirs caps from mg to 400 mg
4. Sachets :
- 1 production line for products in sachets from 3 to 40 g
5. Powders and Granulates:
- Mixing, granulation (up to 500 liter mixer for wet granulation, static bed dryer, granulator)
- 2 complete lines with rotary tablet press and automatic blistering (farma + food)
6. Sticks :
- 2 complete lines for for production of medicinal sticks (pharmaceutical)
- 2 melter and automatic pouring machines
- Size from 4 to 30 g (anhydrous sticks too)
7. Semisolids:
- 2 turboemulsifiers under vacuum, with thermostated cavity and variable speed mixer, capacity of 500 and 1000 litres
- 500 litres dissolver with load cells
- 2 automatic tube filling for pharmaceutical ointments, format tube, plastic or aluminium (+ tube with cannula)
- 1 cosmetic production line : semisolid (pastes and creams) filling and packaging in jar format (with brand new 600 litres turboemulsifier)
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