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olitalia srl

Olitalia, an Italian company specialized in oils and vinegars, offers a wide range of products both through the retail distribution channel and in the catering sector, where it is the market leader in Italy.

Olitalia is Italy’s leading foodservice company: this highly-specialized firm was founded to meet the specific needs of restaurant owners, and has grown over time by focusing on these needs. This prolific relationship continues to deepen today through active partnerships with top professionals and associations in the Italian and international culinary sector.

Olitalia is present in over 100 countries around the world today. In recent years it has significantly expanded its international presence, now reaching markets in every continent and becoming a reference point for multitudes of consumers from vastly different cultural traditions. Its business model is based on creating strategic partnerships with local importers. Thanks to its experience in producing olive oil and Modena balsamic vinegar – iconic Italian products recognized around the world – Olitalia has built a reputation as an international ambassador for Italian taste.

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