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The Tiberino family has been involved in fine foods commerce for four generations, beginning in the late 1800's.
After a few years, the Tiberino company became one of the most important in the town of Bari, and began trading across the Adriatic Sea with neighboring Albania. After the Second World War, Raffaele's son, Nicola continued to develop the company's capabilities as an importer-exporter of fine foods. In 1999 Nicola's son Raffaele (named after his grandfather) further expanded the company's capabilities by producing a new line of specialty foods based on the finest local ingredients.

Our catalog includes a wide range of Italian gourmet main courses easy to be cooked, 100% natural and good as you can only taste in Italy. In our dishes pasta, rice, cereals meet premium natural ingredients to become original complete Italian meals. So anybody now can taste the real flavor of Bucatini Amatriciana, Linguine Puttanesca, Risotto with zucchini and much more original recipes from Italy.
According with our tradition and philosophy, we daily commit ourselves in ingredients selection, turning them into good, healthy and high quality products thank to a 100% natural dehydrating and handcrafted production process.

Tiberino's meals were approved by NASA and ESA as smart, nutritious and tasty Italian foods for their astronauts on ISS since 2007.

Tiberino's One-pot meals are the best ready meals ever thanks to their unique and fresh taste thanks to 100% natural premium ingredients they are made from.
Starting from a wide range of more than 50 recipes, we have chosen some of the best ones to let anyone enjoy a real Italian gourmet experience at home.

Tiberino's One-pot meals are:
Made in Italy
100% natural, do not contain any chemical additives such as colorings, artificial flavors, preservatives or glutamate.
Healthy, made of just premium ingredients, all the vegetables used are naturally dried without harsh industrial methods.
Eco-sustainable 100% recyclable paper packaging
Easy to prepare

Tiberino's One-pot meals cook in three simple steps:
Bring water to a boil in a large non-stick skillet or pan
Add the contents of your Tiberino's One-pot meal, cover and cook without draining
Give your personal touch adding whatever you prefer

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