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Zoppelletto S.p.A.

Zoppelletto S.p.A. is a family-run company based in the province of Vicenza that has been operating in the metalworking industry for over 60 years. We design and manufacture steel components using cold forging technology, which allow us to sell products in different sectors such as thermohydraulics, automotive, oleodynamics, office and also custom products. We are specialized in the production of piston pins, plugs, connections, nuts, tie rods, weld end extentions, ferrules, bushes and the customized product you need!

We have evolved from handicrafts to a solid industrial reality capable of producing millions of special pieces, guaranteeing a short time from production to delivery. Our ambition is to overcome our limits every time, offering flexibility and customization in order to realize the desires and needs of our customers.
The added value of our quality products are the design that expresses the contemporary style and the care of particulars that we inherited from the artisan world.
We are able to produce customized products from the customer's drawing.
Our products are available raw, galvanized, painted, etc.

Why do customers choose us?
- Ability to meet custom requests and specifications
- Design carried out in collaboration with our technical office
- Complete internal realization of the forging dies

We use cold forging technology, which allows us to offer many advantages:
- Constant surface finish
- Dimensional accuracy
- Material savings
- High productions

Certifications: ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015
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