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Our story began in 1960, when the founder decided to open a small artisan shop of fresh pasta. In 1988, under the new ownership, Reggiana Gourmet established itself as a leader in Emilia-Romagna in the fresh filled pasta market. From February 24, 2021 the company had a new ownership officially took over the previous management; Reggiana Gourmet s.r.l. Unipersonale was acquired by the company GIROFOOD SRL, led by Mr. Giovanni Ronconi who is also the current president of Reggiana Gourmet S.r.l .. From the first day he decides to invest in the expansion of the company in the national and foreign markets. Reggiana Gourmet is a team. A team of people who work every day to achieve a fundamental goal: to produce fresh filled pasta of the highest quality according to traditional recipes. Reggiana Gourmet is located in Bagnolo in Piano, just 30 km from Parma, in the heart of the Food Valley. The Food Valley is known nationally and internationally for being the cradle of the largest number of geographical indications (19 PGI, 25 PDO), it is known for being the area where the tradition of filled fresh pasta was born.

Reggiana Gourmet offers a perfect symbiosis between taste and tradition that reflects old recipes and new flavors with a constant focus on the future and innovation while respecting the authenticity and quality of the ingredients. We try to pursue these objectives by implementing the following policies: we select high quality ingredients respecting the traditions of our territory throughout the production process. We use bronze dies, thanks to which we can obtain a rough extruded sheet. We invest in new technologies, increasing our production capacity. Furthermore, we are working on an industrial plan capable of exploiting the unique potential of this company to increase its production capacity and expand the lines of products offered. One of the main objectives is to create a new production site, to unify the 3 current work units, conveyed by major investments in machinery and advanced technology. Consequently, we will be able to penetrate massively new foreign and non-foreign markets.
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